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1984, february.
outside, it's dark. -and raining.
it might have started five minutes or five days ago.
hard to tell.
I've been coding.
if I stare at the screen long enough
answers come to me.
that's my super power.
outside, the city is sleeping.
but the caret is blinking at me.
and this new disk I got,
it's brutal.

Operators Wanted

Comet 64 is a programming puzzle game. The year is 1984. All you got is a Comet 64 home computer and the operator's manual it came with.

Documentation provided

  • Read the documentation (exist both in-game, and as a pdf) and figure out how to operate this 80s computer.
  • Learn its assembly-like (but not quite) programming language.
  • Solve 50+ input - output processing puzzzles.
  • Improve your solution and compete to minimize your instruction and cycle counts.
  • Solve bonus visual grid-based puzzles.
  • Discover secrets of the machine.